The diversity and rapid evolution of the DeFi ecosystem have increased the threshold for DeFi newcomers. To deal with this, Go Pocket improves user-friendliness of crypto wallet mainly from two aspects:

• Supporting native cross-chain transactions

• One-Stop Dapp Integration

Supporting Native Cross-Chain transactions

The cross-chain asset transaction is cumbersome when it comes to the operation in a crypto wallet, in other words, the asset liquidity on different chains is separated.

Thus Go Pocket V 1.0 has developed a native cross-chain transaction function to support transactions of assets on different chains.

Users can easily transfer for example ETH from Ethereum…

DeFi market has expanded exponentially in 2020, and the total value locked (TVL) has soared from less than $1 billion to $88 billion. The booming market has attracted more crypto enthusiasts, as well as fraudsters and scamsters.

A recent report by FTC (Federal Trade Commission) stated that around 7,000 U.S. consumers reported losses of more than $80 million on various cryptocurrency scams between October 2020 and March 2021, with an average of $1,900 per transaction.This takes the reported losses to nearly 1,000% more, comparing to last year.

Security problems that may arise at any time bring anxiety to unaware and…

What’s Go Pocket?

Go Pocket is an Ethereum scaling focused, Layer-2 native crypto wallet.

It supports Ethereum ecosystem and its scaling network Arbitrum in the first release. You can easily access your asset and move them between Ethereum Mainnet and Arbitrum network with Go Pocket.

Installation of Go Pocket

In Go Pocket official website choose iOS or Android.

For iOS user you will get a testflight link and an APK for android user. We’ll upload to App Store and Google Play later.


Go Pocket Desktop will be released later.

Create new wallet or import from seed phrase

Launch Go Pocket. Choose “Create New Wallet” or “Import Seed Phrase”.

Go Pocket

Ethereum scaling focused wallet

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