👥 Introduction of Go Pocket CEO Mike Lee

I am Mike Lee, CEO of Go Pocket. I have been in the blockchain industry for 4 years working with two blockchain products — Delphy and Tops.

Delphy is a decentralized forecasting market product, and Tops provides security data services for crypto…

As the significant part of Go Pocket Genesis Activity, the Genesis NFTs will be issued soon.

The NFTs will be limited edition and represent the contribution and identification of users who support the project from the very beginning and wish to grow with Go Pocket.

There are 2 types of…

The cross-chain DeFi protocol Alpha Finance Labs stated that historically a total of 20 addresses lost 40.93 ETH while using the leveraged mining protocol Alpha Homora V2, because their transactions were discovered by MEV bots.

And as Defi trading continues to grow, MEV bots are becoming more and more common…

Arbitrum has been frequently discussed in past months. This L2 expansion structure based on the Optimistic Rollups has attracted the attention of many crypto enthusiasts as well as project parties.

In past years, we witnessed the steady development of Ethereum ecosystem, the market frenzy and of course the pressure brought…

The Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum announced this morning that it was live on mainnet. Go Pocket Safe Wallet immediately provided full support for Arbitrum, which is one of the main public chains planned to be deployed on when Go Pocket Safe Wallet was founded.

Based on fundamental security features, Go Pocket will promptly respond and support the first batch of Arbitrum applications. In addition to many mainstream public chains, Go Pocket Safe Wallet also supports NFTs, lending platforms, derivative platforms, yield aggregations as well as GameFi.

We have also made sufficient planning and deployment in terms of metaverse and developer ecosystem, which will support and access more innovative DeFi applications and provide secure service to users and developers.

The diversity and rapid evolution of the DeFi ecosystem have increased the threshold for DeFi newcomers. To deal with this, Go Pocket improves user-friendliness of crypto wallet mainly from two aspects:

• Supporting native cross-chain transactions

• One-Stop Dapp Integration

Supporting Native Cross-Chain transactions

The cross-chain asset transaction is cumbersome…

Go Pocket

Go Pocket wallet provides overall, real-time and scenario-based security service and is born to be the security defender for the web3 world.

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