Here is a brief function introduction of how to manage your first safe wallet, Go Pocket.

In order to be easy to read, the wallet set up guidance is broken down into questions and answers. Let’s Start!

1. How to create new accounts in Go Pocket

The Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum announced this morning that it was live on mainnet. Go Pocket Safe Wallet immediately provided full support for Arbitrum, which is one of the main public chains planned to be deployed on when Go Pocket Safe Wallet was founded.

Based on fundamental security features, Go Pocket will promptly respond and support the first batch of Arbitrum applications. In addition to many mainstream public chains, Go Pocket Safe Wallet also supports NFTs, lending platforms, derivative platforms, yield aggregations as well as GameFi.

We have also made sufficient planning and deployment in terms of metaverse and developer ecosystem, which will support and access more innovative DeFi applications and provide secure service to users and developers.

What is smart contract approval?

When users interact with the smart contract, the contract often asks for approval of certain tokens.

To be more precise, when swap LINK for USDT in Uniswap, users need to approve Uniswap’s smart contract to access LINK, so that the contract is authorized to transfer a certain amount of LINK…

Follow the guidance and get your first safe crypto wallet on Android.

Step 1. Open Go Pocket official website in browser.

Step 2. Click GET IT ON Google Play.

Step 3. Click Install on Google Play, sign in Google Play firstly if you haven’t yet.

Here is the guidance of how to install Go Pocket on iOS.

Step 1. Open Go Pocket official website in browser

Step 2. Enter the website and click App Store to download

The diversity and rapid evolution of the DeFi ecosystem have increased the threshold for DeFi newcomers. To deal with this, Go Pocket improves user-friendliness of crypto wallet mainly from two aspects:

• Supporting native cross-chain transactions

• One-Stop Dapp Integration

Supporting Native Cross-Chain transactions

The cross-chain asset transaction is cumbersome…

DeFi market has expanded exponentially in 2020, and the total value locked (TVL) has soared from less than $1 billion to $88 billion. The booming market has attracted more crypto enthusiasts, as well as fraudsters and scamsters.

A recent report by FTC (Federal Trade Commission) stated that around 7,000 U.S…

What’s Go Pocket?

Go Pocket is an Ethereum scaling focused, Layer-2 native crypto wallet.

It supports Ethereum ecosystem and its scaling network Arbitrum in the first release. You can easily access your asset and move them between Ethereum Mainnet and Arbitrum network with Go Pocket.

Installation of Go Pocket

In Go Pocket official website choose iOS or…

Go Pocket

Go Pocket is a new generation multi-chain wallet that provides security safeguard for DeFi, NFT and GameFi users

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